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Some topics interesting to write or read about :

Future TV & Steve Jobs

What did he have in mind to tell his biographer that he cracked how to solve interactive TV?

What does this mean :

  • for online video pioneers like Youtube, Netflix,..
  • for existing TV package providers like Dish, Comcast…
  • for TV OEMs like Sony, Samsung, Sharp, …
  • for the couch potatoe or the sports buff
  • for TV advertisers

Newton, Apple, and iPhone

they are all connected, how?

Thank You China Day

Thanks Giving, Labor Day, Mothers day, Fathers Day, Veterans Day, Presidents Day – all  of these  for good reason.

Folks in China deserve appreciation too for many things they produce from iPhone to hospital supplies for families all over the world.

So why not all countries declare ”Thank you China Day’?


Written by ellanti

November 22, 2011 at 6:31 am

Posted in Technology

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