Periodic Table of extrasolar planets?

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Could it be possible for periodic table pattern and rules to be found in genetics  and extrasolar systems?

An earlier post on this blog alluded to the possibility of periodic table of  life genes. Today’s news,   Alien planets get pigeonholed,  further underscores that possibility.

It appears that there are efforts to catalog and tabulate all discovered extrasolar planets so far. 

If there is pattern found in the tabulation then it may be easy for scientists to predict yet-to-be discovered planets just like how Mendel predicted existence of three not yet discovered elements back in 1870.  All three were eventually discovered during his lifetime.   

Some questions to ask for now. These may take long time to find answers if there will be answers. But nonetheless worth hypothesizing.

Could there be some cosmic order on how planets, life, and elements are created?  

Could there be sibling planets to earth, sibling planets to Jupiter like sibling elements in periodic table?

Could number 7 be behind the cosmic order like it is behind so many other things including the upper bound on periodicity in Periodic table of elements?

Come back here in 50 to 100 years later?


Written by ellanti

December 6, 2011 at 5:50 am

Posted in Science

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