Real life is a 3D video book

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Real world is a 3D video book aiding Brain’s memorization process

Our  brain is a wonderful piece of machine. It  remembers and can recall instanatly everything it stores.

Let us say you travelled on a cross-country train in winter and was awestruck at the stunning beauty of snow-capped mountains,  and at times read or listened to music, drank steaming chocolate milk or coffee. It would have remembered all of this.  It would have snapped some pictures, some video of the rolling expanse. Several things it would have done as you experienced that journey.

Later in your life you are likely to recall that train journey several times. To do so you just ask your brain: ‘how nice the train ride was?’, ‘show me the snow-capped mountain picture around Lake Tahoe’, ‘what was the book I was reading on the winter train ride?’, or even a higher level question ‘what is the most memorable train ride?’.

It helps you with all these memory recall exercises. As part of this, it does the search and required computations such as counting and comparisons.

It does so fast because it tags all you see, hear, smell, feel/experience  including reflections/thoughts.  It is like Facebook’s social timeline just that it records  all the time you as carry on your life from morning to evening and until you rest. Even in sleep the dreams that your mind conjures up get recorded so you can recall later to tell your mom or friends – oh, I had this dream the other day that I won a superlotto or I was flying in the sky like a bird.  In general, Brain records your life all the time. Unlike digital recording machine it is an analog multi-variable recording machine. Multi-variable because it can record what you see, hear, smell, sense, feel, think all at the same time.

Your mother or wife reorganizes stuff in your house regularly to keep it easy for her to find kids school supplies , clothes and others as new stuff keeps coming into the house.  In doing so she is aiding her mind with such reorganization. Brain, likewise, continuously reorganizes stored information as new information comes in so that it can retrieve it fast.   Not only does it recognize it also builds relationship between stored information elements so it can retrieve faster using those links.

One can also say that brain, as smart as it is, in fact is lazy.  As a lazy machine, it needs to use short cuts. One of the short cuts is the use of  meta/auxiliary data such as weather, temperature, ambience etc associated with the scene of information collection.  The auxiliary piece of data  is used as lookup key (index) later to do fast search.  Those in the IT/technology field may know something called database indexing – one or more keys used to help database server find the information fast.

Not only does it do index based search it also does content based search on part or whole of the information. Those who have studied computer design may know this as content addressable memory. However, brain’s memory system is much more complex than simple linear lookup using keys or content. It is likely multi-variable and multi-hyper linked system that uses its unique tactics to do fast search as it does. That is why it is psychic.

Ultimate challenge for intent based search tools and eBooks is to mimic psychic brain and there lies advances in next generation internet search and eBooks. In particular, with eBook, if the desingers can reverse engineer  cognitive process and figure out how to aid brain  the way that the physical world does then eBook can promise to deliver user experience as close as a physical book.

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Written by ellanti

December 2, 2011 at 2:44 pm

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